HEIDENHAIN at AMB 2018: Connected Machining in action and new control functions

The machine user at the center of digitalized production combined with total control over your own data in the network—these are the pillars of the Connected Machining packet of functions from HEIDENHAIN. On this basis, Connected Machining increases production efficiency and makes better use of available resources. What’s more, HEIDENHAIN will be introducing new functions for the TNC controls, providing live demonstrations at its booth and presenting a new solution for smart motor protection.

Milling and turning with Connected Machining: Efficient processes through customized networking
In a digitalized production environment, Connecting Machining from HEIDENHAIN links the machines in the shop with the corporate network. Beyond networking, Connecting Machining enables the customized, operational use of data tailored to the wishes and requirements of the company. The StateMonitor software gives the user a rapid overview of the current machine status and job status of the connected machines and delivers information on machine messages. The user can thereby maintain an overview of his machine tools and jobs. Visitors at the trade show will be able to experience StateMonitor live in action, because the milling and turning machines at the booths of numerous machine manufacturers at AMB will be connected to HEIDENHAIN via Connected Machining. In addition, HEIDENHAIN will be demonstrating how easy it is to handle job-related data with Connected Machining. With the help of Connecting Machining, the user can call all of the production-related data from his network and use these data directly on the control. This might include the display of image files or PDFs over the control’s standard functions, for example.

The REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER enables the user to switch from the control screen to a Windows PC user interface. Technical drawings, CAD data, NC programs, tool data, work instructions, parts lists, and warehouse information are thereby digitally available on the machine. Of course, shop data can likewise be made available from the machine to the network. This way, all areas in the company network have direct access to all of the relevant data. The right information is always available on the right machine, in the right quality, and at the right time.
Extended Workspace expands the control by an additional user workstation. The TNC user can thereby optimally keep an eye on all of the relevant data while the control is in Program Run mode. With the deluxe version, this is achieved via an additional monitor. The compact version of Extended Workspace displays additional information in a separate window of the control’s monitor. For this purpose, a special 24-inch widescreen monitor featuring touchscreen operation is available for TNC controls. 

New TNC functions for gear-milling: program complex processes with ease HEIDENHAIN will be introducing three new cycles for the production of high-quality external and internal gear teeth with the TNC 640. These cycles enable easy and economical production of both straight and angled gear teeth on a milling-turning machine—all within a single setup. With the new “gear skiving” cycle, the TNC 640 supports the user in programming the complex processes needed for skiving, which is the current machining trend for internal gear teeth. All the user needs to do is specify the data for the gear geometry as well as the tools to be used. The TNC 640 then performs all of the other calculations on its own, particularly for the complex synchronization of movements. With the “gear hobbing” cycle, the TNC 640 functions in the same manner. For the prevention of damage during unforeseen program interruptions, such as power outages, both of these cycles support optimized lift-off. The cycles automatically determine both the direction and the path of the tool retraction from the workpiece. These new gear-milling cycles are based on the cycle “defining the gear,” which, as its name suggests, is used solely for defining the gear geometry. As a result, the user need only define the geometry once for all of the necessary machining steps in the subsequent production sequence.

The EIB 5200 sensor box: smart motor protection for reliable machining processes
For machine manufacturers, the application-oriented digitalization of sensor information and the digital transmission of this information to the control offer numerous advantages. Of course, one of these benefits is a reduction in cabling. Above all, the optimized evaluation of information makes machining processes more reliable and efficient. The new EIB 5200 sensor box makes it possible to readily make use of temperature data from a direct drive, such as the torque motor of a rotary table. For this purpose, the sensor box is installed in the immediate vicinity of the motor and connected between the angle encoder and the machine control. Thus installed, the sensor box transfers both the position data and the preprocessed temperature data via serial interfaces—not only to HEIDENHAIN controls, but also to most machine controls on the market, such as those from Siemens or Fanuc. Torque motors, especially those from ETEL, feature particularly high power combined with a very compact design. In certain situations, this can be accompanied by a high risk of overheating when the temperature of a winding suddenly increases due to asymmetric current distribution in the windings. The EIB 5200 sensor box, which will be available in series at the end of 2019, monitors all three windings. If, as with ETEL torque motors, the thermal motor model is already known and stored, then the sensor box is able to rapidly detect a sudden jump in temperature, avoid damage to the motor windings, and provide comprehensive motor protection against overheating.

The TNC Club Lounge: the rendezvous point for expert knowledge
The TNC Club Lounge is the rendezvous point and forum for expert knowledge surrounding HEIDENHAIN controls. Everything here is about improving the qualifications of users, thereby enabling them to take better advantage of their controls’ potential. This includes, above all, further education and training-course offerings, as well as the special user support provided by HEIDENHAIN within the scope of the TNC Club. At the heart of the TNC Club are its regional offerings. These include user workshops on-site at TNC Club members as well as regional user training courses at various locations in Germany and Austria. For this reason, Selcuk Cumart, the regional contact partner for southwestern Germany, will be available at the TNC Club at AMB in order to support the TNC Club team.

Awakening enthusiasm for apprenticeships in the machine tool industry:
Apprentices from HEIDENHAIN and HERMLE hit the gas

Recruitment concerns are currently plaguing the machine tool industry, from small, family-run businesses all the way to major international companies. The “Special show for young people” is counteracting this trend by awakening enthusiasm for apprentice training among students. The apprentice training centers at HERMLE and HEIDENHAIN, in cooperation with the vocational school Feintechnikschule Schwenningen (FTS) have a very special idea for AMB: their apprentices will be manufacturing miniature race cars with the visitors of the “Special show.” In the process, students will get to discover and experience first-hand how much fun it can be to work with mechanical and electronic equipment. And this occurs best when they are allowed to design, program, and produce something themselves. As a reward for their efforts, students will be allowed to take home the fruits of their first hands-on metalworking experience.

In addition, visitors to the HEIDENHAIN booth will learn about the powerful ETEL torque motors for machine tools as well as the versatile AMO angle encoders featuring a patented, purely inductive measuring principle.


  • Hall 2, Booth 2D03 – HEIDENHAIN booth
  • Hall 2, Booth 2C02 – TNC Club Lounge
  • Atrium – Special show for young people