Robust systems for greater accuracy and reliability

When developing new products, the manufacturers of high-accuracy machines, such as measuring machines, laser trackers, wafer handling machines, EDM machines, or micro-precision manufacturing machines, must often push the envelope of the technologically possible. At this juncture, HEIDENHAIN supports the design of robust systems with its innovative solutions, which are perfectly geared to the challenging demands of such applications.

Since every application requires its own very specific encoders, the mechanical and electrical connectivity of rotary encoders, angle encoders, and linear encoders is a deciding factor for equipment and machine manufacturers. That’s why HEIDENHAIN offers encoders with identical mounting dimensions in a wide variety of interfaces. This combination enables the standardized design of robust systems, regardless of the individual subsequent electronics being used. At CONTROL 2019, HEIDENHAIN will be presenting new encoders based entirely on this system-oriented approach. These new products promise to help machine manufacturers in different ways:

With the MRP 8000 family of angle encoder modules, HEIDENHAIN has merged high-resolution measurement technology with a dependable bearing. This highly-integrated system solution remains unfazed by off-axis tilting loads and eliminates the need for the customer’s own bearing. The machine manufacturer receives the MRP 8000 angle encoder module as a completed assembly with specified characteristics. No critical assembly processes are required during mounting. When HEIDENHAIN was developing its new ERP 1000 modular angle encoders, the top priorities included not only accuracy but also flexible integration into complete systems as well as robust measured point acquisition. The ERP 1000 family of angle encoders is particularly well-suited to applications requiring constant speed control or high position stability. Its optical scanning principle and the first-ever deployment of the HEIDENHAIN HSP 1.0 signal processing ASIC in an angle encoder, in combination with other special features, are reasons why the ERP 1000 series is redefining the boundaries of angular measurement in high-end applications.

For reliable measured-value acquisition in a shop setting, HEIDENHAIN is introducing the new GAGE-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit. This robust, all-in-one unit is ideal for positioning tasks on measuring devices and positioning equipment, including for measuring machine retrofits. The GAGE-CHEK 2000 supports the user with its intuitive touchscreen operation and context-sensitive presentation of functions and elements. Starting at CONTROL 2019, HEIDENHAIN will be offering its GAGE-CHEK 2000, QUADRA-CHEK 2000, and QUADRA-CHEK 3000 evaluation units as tailored solutions for measured-value acquisition and measurement in all dimensions.

Visitors to the HEIDENHAIN booth can also discover more about positioning and drive technology from ETEL. With its linear and torque motors, and its AccurET controllers, ETEL will be presenting highly accurate direct drives for motion control at the nanometer level as well as high-torque systems for industrial applications. The distinctive strengths of the high-end motion control systems from ETEL are their zero-cogging design, optimum synchronization, and exceptionally high control quality.

HEIDENHAIN at CONTROL 2019: Hall 4, Booth 4503