Exciting user topics for forward-looking machinists

HEIDENHAIN will be presenting the Connected Machining functions package several times at the METAV 2018 from very different perspectives and with a focus on topic-specific aspects. Connected Machining includes solutions for milling and turning in a consistently digital production organization that always puts the user at the machine in the center of the networked process chain. This increases the efficiency, and the available resources are better used.

Well connected manufacturing – efficient milling and turning with Connected Machining Actually it is a single demonstration, but it takes place in two places in two different exhibition halls of the METAV: at the HEIDENHAIN booth C32 in hall 16, the milled parts of a pepper mill will be produced live, and at the same time the associated turned parts will be manufactured live in the Industry 4.0 theme park (hall 17, booth A05). Both production lines—a milling machine with TNC 640 control and an EMCO lathe E65 with CNC PILOT 640—are linked together via Connected Machining. Both production areas have direct access to all relevant data. The right information is always available on the right machine in the right quality and at the right time. In addition, the current status of the other production line can be called on each of the two machines. Both users enjoy complete transparency of the ongoing process.

Efficient turning in networked production In addition to networking with a milling machine, in the neighboring hall HEIDENHAIN also demonstrates the simple handling of process data with Connected Machining on the EMCO lathe with a CNC PILOT 640 control. The user can use Connected Machining to retrieve all important data from the network and apply it directly at the control. This includes, for example, the display of graphic or PDF files using the standard functions of the control. The REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER enables the user to switch from the control screen to the surface of a Windows PC. Technical drawings, CAD data, NC programs, tool data, work instructions, parts lists and warehouse information are therefore digitally available at the machine.

The statuses of machine tools and orders are always in view At the IndustryArena stand, HEIDENHAIN will be showing the StateMonitor software and the expanded Extended Workspace display from the Connected Machining package. They enable the user to keep track of the status of his machines anywhere and at any time. StateMonitor runs on any device that has a web browser, for example on PCs, smartphones and tablets, but of course also on HEIDENHAIN controls and Extended Workspace. The software provides a quick overview of the current machine and job status of the connected machines as well as information on machine messages. Beyond this, StateMonitor can also send an e-mail upon certain events, e.g., at the end of the program, notifying machine downtime or as a service message. The recipient of the machine messages can react immediately and take appropriate action. Extended Workspace offers as an additional monitor beside or above the actual control screen as, for example, a view of an office computer that is connected via the REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER or the StateMonitor software, while the current NC program is still displayed on the control screen. Extended Workspace can be configured individually for the desired applications. The integrated computer manages the running applications itself and has its own powerful processor.

Meeting point for experts: The TNC Club Lounge The TNC Club Lounge is the meeting place and exchange forum on expert knowledge all about HEIDENHAIN controls. Everything here is about improving the qualification of the TNC users so that they can make better use of the potential of their controls. These include, above all, further education and training courses as well as special user support offered by HEIDENHAIN within the framework of the TNC Club. This is why two user consultants for North Rhine-Westphalia, Volker Knipping and Dirk Brus, are available as regional contact persons in the lounge.

Visitors to the METAV can also find out more about the high-torque ETEL torque motors for machine tools and the versatile AMO angle encoders with a patented, purely inductive measuring principle at the HEIDENHAIN booth.


  • Hall 16, Booth C32 – HEIDENHAIN booth
  • Hall 17, Booth A05 – Industry 4.0 theme park with HEIDENHAIN and EMCO
  • Hall 14, Booth A107 – IndustryArena
  • Hall 16, Booth C23 – TNC Club Lounge  Hall 17, Booth A89 – Special show for youth