The New “APP Programming” Helpline Offers Service and Support for HEIDENHAIN Software Solutions

At the AMB 2016, HEIDENHAIN demonstrated how TNC controls with Connected Machining support digital production management in production and how this simple data usage in a networked manufacturing system saves work and time. The HEIDENHAIN DNC interface connects TNC controls to enterprise-resource-planning and production activity control systems.

In an efficient process chain, however, the machine tools with TNC controls are not the only components integrated into the company network. HEIDENHAIN units that acquire data on measuring and inspection stations in the production planning or quality assurance, are also integrated in the process chain. This means that all of the the data collected by these measuring devices and subsequent electronics are also available throughout the company. The entire production process becomes more efficient so that you can improve productivity, quality and flexibility.

To enable the problem-free integration of TNC controllers, HEIDENHAIN measuring devices, and associated software solutions into the specific network of the customer, the HEIDENHAIN Service Department has installed its own "APP programming" helpline parallel to the introduction of Connected Machining functions. At the helpline, users and machine manufacturers can reach software specialists who support them in answering all questions concerning the IT connection of HEIDENHAIN products with data interfaces. This include the following products and software solutions: RemoTools SDK, EIB 741, MSE 1000, interface cards, ND 200 and HEIDENHAIN Clone. The service offerings extend from the selection of the right hardware and software for the respective application through to commissioning and program adjustments. The “APP Programming” helpline can be reached at the telephone number +49 8669 31-3106 or by e-mail at the address service.appheidenhainde.