At the METAV 2014, HEIDENHAIN has committed itself to accurate and efficient manufacturing. HEIDENHAIN is presenting its “Dynamic Efficiency” and “Dynamic Precision” feature packages in Hall 16. These functions for TNC controls make milling operations faster and more accurate. This means that, thanks to “Dynamic Efficiency” and “Dynamic Efficiency,” you can accomplish even more complex machining tasks in much less time but with significantly better quality—in short, more efficiently and precisely.

You can use “Dynamic Efficiency” to improve efficiency in heavy machining, to optimize the machining time, and to increase the metal removal rates while sparing the machine: + ACC—active reduction of the inclination to chatter
+ AFC—load-dependent adaptation of the feed rate
+ Trochoidal milling—efficient machining of any kind of slot

“Dynamic Precision” helps you to more effectively exploit the accuracy potential of your TNC-controlled machine tool. You gain the advantages of high production rates of precisely machined workpieces with better surfaces, increased workpiece accuracy and reduced machining times:
+ CTC—compensation of acceleration-dependent position errors
+ AVD—active damping of drive train and machine setup vibrations
+ PAC/LAC/MAC—position-/load-/motion-dependent adaptation of control parameters

In presentations and machine demonstrations, we will be offering daily evidence live in our booth for the performance of HEIDENHAIN TNC controls.

In the Youth Education and Development Foundation’s booth in Hall 14, HEIDENHAIN will also inform interested students about attractive training courses, occupations and career opportunities in the metal industry. The demonstrations at the programming stations, in particular, provide an impressive picture of the high-tech side of occupations in the metalworking industry.

We cordially invite you to visit our booth and the Youth Education and Development Foundation’s booth. We look forward to speaking with you.