HEIDENHAIN at the METAV Special Show “Metal meets Medical”

Once again this year the special show “Metal Meets Medical” will be part of the METAV. Here HEIDENHAIN will present the special functions of TNC controls that enable perfect surfaces in very short times and are therefore particularly attractive for quality-oriented manufacturers of medical-technical products:

  • The new Dynamic Precision package of features is the HEIDENHAIN solution for high production rates of precisely machined workpieces. It ensures better contour accuracy and surface definition from the very first part at the same time as high machining speeds.
  • The software option KinematicsOpt enables you to manufacture with reproducible precision—both in series and in single parts.
  • 3D-ToolComp is the HEIDENHAIN solution for compensation of tool form errors. It guarantees high processing security in the manufacture of precision components.

Other functions exploit additional potential for optimization. HEIDENHAIN TNC controls offer the key to fast and economical production of precise hip replacements as well as surgical or dental implants and instruments—fitting to the motto “Smart solutions—more efficiency.”