LC 200 – Additional important interface variants

The LC 200 absolute sealed linear encoder is setting new standards for applications on machine tools with especially long axes. Now, just after its introduction, further important interface variants have been added. In addition to the EnDat 2.2 interface, starting immediately, the Fanuc alpha i and Mitsubishi 03-04 interfaces are also available.

The LC 200 is a multi-section encoder consisting of a parts kit with parts built to length, such as a scale tape, bearing strips and sealing lips. It also includes housing parts required to enclose the device as well as one or more scanning heads. The interface is chosen by selecting the scanning unit. The field-proven single field scanning results in higher accuracy and reliability from the LC 200. The absolute METALLUR graduation on a steel scale tape serves as the measuring standard. It consists of a highly reflective gold layer and light-absorbing graduated lines. It features an incremental track with a 40 µm grating period and an absolute PRC track. The scanning provides unique, absolute position values over the entire measuring length as fine as 10 nm.